10 Reasons Why Krishna Is Loved

10 Reasons Why Krishna Is Loved

10 Reasons Why Krishna Is Loved by Rahul Desai.

Krishna..!!! the most worshiped God on India and also in world. Now coming to what I like in Krishna. I Like Krishna because of his teachings some of them are listed below:

  1. The way he lived his life.
  2. He taught us to believe in Karma (Actions speak louder than words).
  3. He taught us, not to get attached too much with someone or something, that it will hurt you when you will have to leave them.
  4. Do not stop learning, as learning is the only way by which you can grow.
  5. Love everyone and help the needy.
  6. Learn to balance your happiness and sadness.
  7. Prepare yourselves in a way that you can survive when you have everything and even when you have nothing.
  8. Do not fight with anyone unless required.
  9. Utilize your Human birth in following Dharma.
  10. Respect everyone and everything.

And many more such things I like about Krishna. And as per me rather than Worshiping him, we should start loving him. He never leaves anyone who love him. He always stays by their side. Love him unconditionally and enjoy the fruits.

Jay Shree Krishna.

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