Month: January 2020

Love Poem In Gujarati

love poem in gujarati

Love Poem In Gujarati Love poem in Gujarati. To all the couple who are in Love or married, this poem will refresh all the old memories you spent with your partner. The wonderful moments spent with loved ones are the most memorable ones. I hope you like the below poem. શીર્ષક: ચાલ એ જીવન પાછુ …

Childhood Poem

childhood poem

Childhood Poem Childhood Poem in Gujarati. This childhood poem in Gujarati is written keeping in mind the current situation of our children. Children, these days , instead of enjoying their childhood are kept engaged in some or the other stuffs. One day, these children will ask you, “What is the meaning of Childhood?”, can you …

New Year Quotes

new year quotes

New Year Quotes New year quotes for you. This new year lets take a pledge to respect others. Along with becoming advances technology wise, we should also focus on bringing back our lost humanity. Over the years, we have seen humanity have stooped to a very low level. We have become so selfish that we …