Month: April 2020

Hindi Poems On Life

hindi poems on life

Hindi Poems On Life Hindi Poems On Life. This poem on life shows us how we live life and how life wants us to live. Read this poem and compare it with your life. सपनो के भवसागर में डुबकी लगवाती है,तो, कभी उम्मीदों के वन में टहलाती है,ऐसे खट्टे मीठे स्वाद से ही तो,ज़िन्दगी मुस्कुराती …

Poem on life in hindi

Poem on life in hindi

Poem on Life in Hindi Poem on life in Hindi. This poem makes you understand the real problem in life. The life which we are living is just to show off. We are sure you can relate your life with this poem. शीर्षक : काश थोड़ा जी लिया होता… सपनों की दुनिया को जीतने के …

Poem On Corona in Hindi

poem on corona

Poem On Corona in Hindi Poem on Corona. This poem is written with respect to current Pandemic of Corona or Covid 19. The level of damage this virus have done is already visible. How can a Human experiment something that can cause the damage at this level. A short poem in Hindi dedicated to such …