Emotional Story In English

Emotional story in english

Emotional Story In English

Emotional Story In English by our guest write Shamim Merchant.

Title of Story : Badminton Match

“Amrita, think twice before refusing. It’s a golden opportunity.”

“I know Ma’am.”

“Stop calling me Ma’am! You know I don’t like it.”

“Okay Mansi, yes it’s a wonderful chance.”

“And yet you don’t want to grab it? I wanted you to go on this trip with me. This project will take you leaps ahead of others. Don’t you realize that?”

For the fifth time they were having this discussion ever since the assignment had come in. Mansi was her senior and both friends worked in an ad agency. Amrita kept quiet, when her boss was tired of convincing her, she slowly opened her mouth to voice out her reasons.

“Mansi you’re aware I’m not someone to shy away from work. If my daughter’s badminton finals weren’t during the same time, I would have surely come with you to Australia.”

Mansi was seething with rage and passed a sarcastic remark,

“This is not the first and the last finals of her life.”

Amrita gave back

“And this is not the last project for our company.”

“Amrita you’re unnecessarily making a big deal about this badminton match of your daughter. As if you are sure that she will win.”

This comment irritated Amrita, nonetheless, she kept her anger in check and said firmly,

“That’s not the point. Whether she wins or loses, I want to be there by her side. I don’t want to miss out on the important events in her growing up years. Please try to understand.”

Six hours later, at home…….

“How did she take it?”

Anurag was on the bed with his legs stretched out. He was eyeing Amrita keenly as she applied lotion on her arms. He was eager to know since he came home, but they followed certain rules and didn’t discuss such things in front of their daughter Arundhati. Amrita smirked at her husband from the mirror, turned around and huffed.

“Not very kindly of course.”

She came and sat beside him and he had more to say,

“But Amrita, she knew about your decision all along, didn’t she?”

“Yes. But today it was like a final no. So obviously I killed her previous hopes and she was angry.”

Anurag took his wife’s hand in his and said,

 “I understand this project is important. I’d hate to see you spoil your tuning with Mansi. She’s not only your friend but your boss as well. I’m there for Arundhati. If you still want to take up this assignment, it’s fine by me.”

Amrita smiled and shook her head.

“No Anu, I’ve made my decision. This is what I want. I wish to be there for our daughter, see her playing. Sitting in the audience, I want to cheer her, scream her name and enjoy the memorable moments.”

Anurag pulled her in his arms.

“You’re a wonderful mother and I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m only trying. I wish to inculcate the best values in Arundhati. But all cannot be lectured about. Some need to be experienced first handed.”

Anurag grinned and embraced her again.

Standing outside their closed bedroom door, Arundhati wiped her tears and was filled with renewed love and respect for her parents.

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