Feelings Quotes In Gujarati

Feelings Quotes

Feelings Quotes In Gujarati

Feelings Quotes in Gujarati. If you sit and think, you will realize how the world has drastically. There was a time when the feelings, love, relations had a name. They were happy. Because at that time, the relation was important than money, status etc. But, the times have now changed. Today, people are so busy in their daily life that they are running short of time for their loved ones. The life has taken a drastic U-Turn. We have become machines. For us, Love, Feelings, Relationships are just left for weekends.

There was a time when friends used to meet and have a chit chat over tea. Husband and wife used to enjoy their evenings sitting in a balcony. But now, we remember our friends when we need any help, without that no one even cares to call you. Although we have all easy means of communication, still there is less or no communication. There was a time when we had best friends, friends who were there with us when we needed them, but today those have become myth. There are very few people who share the true bonding, rest are just selfish.

When there is a misunderstanding, try to clear it, do not keep it mind. When you feel you are wrong Say Sorry. Saying “Sorry” will not let you down, but rather save a relation. Just think over it. Relationship are more important than your Ego, Pride and false belief. Try to save it rather than finishing it.

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