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Gujarati Motivation Quotes on Fear

Gujarati motivation quotes on fear. We all have a dream to succeed, but the fear of failure is a big hurdle. Everyone fails on the path of success. We should always take failure as bridge for success and not a barrier. Failures teach us a lot of stuffs. They teach us to keep patience, how to fight back. There is not better teacher than a failure.

Failure is not demotivating, but it is the biggest motivation we can have. If we have the guts to fight for success, then should not be fear of failure. It is failure that makes you to work on your mistakes. Only success will not help to understand your potential. There is a saying, “If you fall down, if you get up late, but get up.”Learnt to get up and fight, rather than sitting down and crying.

There is a saying “Do not Give Up” on the things you wish to achieve. Be firm on your goals and decision. Try to be a decision maker. Remember, “There is always a result attached, with every decisions you take”.

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