Happiness Quotes In Gujarati

happiness quotes

Happiness Quotes In Gujarati

Happiness Quotes In Gujarati. In our hectic life today, we might be desperately looking for happiness. We think that happiness in in luxuries items or compromising. We are trying to search happiness in tangible items, because we think that happiness in something we can see or buy. No, we are wrong. Happiness is not in costly products nor in compromising attitude. Real happiness is in accepting the situation or person and move ahead in life. Happiness is a set of mind. If our mind is happy so are we. All the time we live, situations are not the same. there are hard times in our lives. But, its on our reaction that makes the time more difficult. Whatever the situation, if you try to keep your mind happy, you will surely feel the happiness.

We have seen people who have all sorts of luxury in life, but they still struggle for happiness. It is because they think that buying posh cars or wearing branded clothes is the only way to attain happiness. On the other hand we have seen people who can just afford a meal for 2 times are happier. It is because they are content with what they have. For them happiness is having 2 times meal and spending time with their loves ones.

Summing up, happiness is something that is to be felt and not showed off.

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