Krishna Quotes

krishna quotes

Krishna Quotes

Krishna Quotes in Gujarati. This quote is dedicated to Lord Krishna. We all think that God doesn’t have any pain, correct? No, we are wrong. In fact, God is the only person who have gone through tremendous pains and sorrow throughout his life. Krishna, as we all know, is the only God who lived like a normal human. He dedicated his whole life for Dharma. That Dharma for which we fight internally. He sacrificed his Parents Love, Radha’s Love just because he wanted to establish Dharma. He fought with various Asura’s, king etc.

Even after going through this much hard times, he always had a Smiling Face. Behind that smile there were pains, sorrows hidden. So next time when you bow down, do not ask him to free you from all pains, but ask him to give you strength to fight against that pain.

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