Life Quotes In Gujarati

life quotes

Life Quotes In Gujarati

We write Life Quotes In Gujarati. Our lives these days have become so fast and hectic. In these fast life we have forgotten to smile, to live , to smile and above all to Enjoy life. We are living like a dead tree without any leaves and fruits on it. That is because we never gave time to cherish those precious things. We have forgot to smile, to laugh. We are always under pressure of achieving our targets.

We are no more different than a ticking clock. Every second of ours is busy. We have become more like a machines. Let’s take some break from this life. Let’s live few days with Smile, laugh, love etc. In this Autumn lets bring the Spring with our Love and Emotions. Respond to happiness that comes in our way. Choose a Coffee and little smile over pile of files. Fill your life with little love, romance etc.

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