Memories Poem Love

memories poem love

Memories Poem Love

Memories Poem Love in Hindi by our guest writer Hemangi Sharma.

एक शाम
तेरी यादो की गठरी बांध के अलमारी के छज्जे पर रख दी,
ना वो मुझे देखे ना मै उसे देख शकुं,
वो बरसाती शाम में गठरी कुछ ज्यादा ही गीली लगने लगी थी,
पता नही बारीश की कुछ बूंदे उस पर गीरी थी या फीर,
आंख के समुंदर में नहां के आई थी,
उसे मेने कुछ इस तरह अपने आप से दूर रख्खा था की,
वो वक्त बेवक्त मचला ना करे,
पर ये तो यादों की गठरी थी उसका तो अपने आप पे भी बस कहां! जो वो मेरी बात मानती!
छीपती छीपाती एक शाम वो सामने आ ही गई,
और मैं अश्क के समुंदर मेम नहां के आ गई.
- Hemangi Sharma

At some point of time in life, each and every of us have loved someone or had a crush on someone. There are hundreds of memories that we create when we are into love or relationship. When we get apart or break up all we have is those beautiful memories. All the activity we did together, the places we explored, all fun we did just becomes a beautiful memory. This memory never fades. When we sit and recollect those, we feel as if we are drowning in the sea of memories. How beautiful it is to drown in the sea of such memories, correct?.

To end this article, I would say that memories play good and bad roles in life. Good one helps us stay connected with the person even when they are not around and Bad part is that we cannot over come the toxic relationship or sudden death of our loved one’s.

Have a wonderful Day Ahead..!!!!

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