New Year Quotes

new year quotes

New Year Quotes

New year quotes for you. This new year lets take a pledge to respect others. Along with becoming advances technology wise, we should also focus on bringing back our lost humanity. Over the years, we have seen humanity have stooped to a very low level.

We have become so selfish that we do not have time for thinking about others. Old were the days, when happiness was being celebrated with friends and family. The poor were helped without expecting any returns from them. And look at today’s time, helping has become a source of promotion. In the name of Donations, people are cheating others. You lend a penny to the needy and you show off, why? Because you want to impress your Instagram followers?. Along with this we have Rapes, murders, blackmailing etc. why?

Remember, you will forever be remembered for your behavior with others. So, lets restore the lost humanity and bring a new change in our own lives and society.

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