Relationship Quotes In Gujarati

relationship quotes

Relationship Quotes In Gujarati

Relationship Quotes In Gujarati. Many a times we see come across a situation where we feel broken from inside. We break down severely after we fail in relationship. We tend to feel jealous of our Ex. Why do we start getting the jealousy feeling? Instead of getting jealous we can fill those cracks by sowing the seeds of Love and Relations. It takes time for us to come out of any such incidents.

But, as we know, life has to move on. We simply can’t sit and cry or hate ourselves and others for this moment. It is a situation that will pass away. We can start a new life anytime. But, for that we have to overcome our past. Start meeting new people, start a random conversation. Free your heart from all bondage of past. Only, then you will a new life. Remember, “Sowing a seed of Love is much better then making a Lava of Jealous.” Do not forget to Share the Post/Quote. Try to become a better person.

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