Strange Letter From Mother To Son

strange letter from mother to son

Strange Letter From Mother To Son

Strange Letter From Mother To Son, a very beautiful story that narrates the sad reality of some children. This is written by our senior writer Shamim Merchant.

Title :A Strange Letter

My dear son Parth,

I hope you, Priya and my darling grandchildren are in good health and doing well. I’m sure you are surprised to see my letter and must be wondering that my mom who always prefers to talk on the phone, why did she think of picking up a pen? So son the reason being, that today what I’m about to convey to you is something which I want you to remember and also so you can read my letter as many times as you wish.

A week ago, a stranger came to our house with his family and said,

“We have purchased this house and have given the token money as well. My wife came back from abroad only yesterday, so I have brought her to see it.”

I was taken aback by this shocking piece of information and told them,

“But I haven’t sold this house at all and don’t intend to sell it either.”

They were just not ready to believe me. Moreover, upon hearing my declaration, that gentleman showed me a document which proved him right and me wrong. He fished out an MOU (Memorandum of understanding) and thrusted it in my hands. I was stupefied to see that it had your signature.

We were both very upset, obviously for different reasons. He was going to call you, but I requested him not to. He even threatened me of filing a complaint in the police station, but I pleaded with him not to take any such drastic measures. Further giving him my excuse, I told him that maybe my son has made this mistake unknowingly. Seeing my plight, the couple gave me two days’ time.

I was helpless and was forced to do something which I had never dreamt of doing. To return the token money, I had to sell our ancestral diamond set, which I had kept for your wife Priya. Later, I called your advocate uncle, Nilesh Bhai and got a will made. After me I’m donating this house to the old age home. Parth, son, I did the right thing, isn’t it?

Dear, I don’t want you to take any kind of tension. I know my son very well. Moreover, you are such a loving and affectionate person, how could you act so insensitively? I’m certain, you committed this heinous act in agitation or under somebody’s pressure. If your father was here, this error would never have happened. Son, I have nothing against you. With this letter, I’m sending you a copy of the will. Please check if all aspects are taken care of.

My love and blessings to you, Priya and kids. Do call me when you get the time.

Your mom,

Shamim Merchant

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