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Feelings Quotes In Gujarati

Feelings Quotes

Feelings Quotes In Gujarati Feelings Quotes in Gujarati. If you sit and think, you will realize how the world has drastically. There was a time when the feelings, love, relations had a name. They were happy. Because at that time, the relation was important than money, status etc. But, the times have now changed. Today, …

Life Sayings

Life Sayings

Life Sayings – આપડે ક્યાંક જીવન જીવવા નુ ભૂલી રહ્યાં છે. Today, the environment in which we are living is highly stressful. Every one today is working hard to earn their bread and butter. Some where in this race to earn money and fulfill our daily needs, we are forgetting that we have a beautiful …