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Hindi Poems On Life

hindi poems on life

Hindi Poems On Life Hindi Poems On Life. This poem on life shows us how we live life and how life wants us to live. Read this poem and compare it with your life. सपनो के भवसागर में डुबकी लगवाती है,तो, कभी उम्मीदों के वन में टहलाती है,ऐसे खट्टे मीठे स्वाद से ही तो,ज़िन्दगी मुस्कुराती …

Life Poems In Gujarati

life poems

Life Poems In Gujarati Life poems in Gujarati by our guest writer Mrs. Hiral Pathak Mehta. The poet have tried to explain the life in poetic way. It depicts the life which we live on daily basis. છે ચારેકોર બેશુમાર જિંદગી… પણ એકલતા ની સાથે તકરાર જિંદગી…. રોજ બરોજ ની રઘવાટ જિંદગી…. ખુદ ને શોધતી …