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Life Poems In Gujarati

life poems

Life Poems In Gujarati Life poems in Gujarati by our guest writer Mrs. Hiral Pathak Mehta. The poet have tried to explain the life in poetic way. It depicts the life which we live on daily basis. છે ચારેકોર બેશુમાર જિંદગી… પણ એકલતા ની સાથે તકરાર જિંદગી…. રોજ બરોજ ની રઘવાટ જિંદગી…. ખુદ ને શોધતી …

Feelings Quotes In Gujarati

Feelings Quotes

Feelings Quotes In Gujarati Feelings Quotes in Gujarati. If you sit and think, you will realize how the world has drastically. There was a time when the feelings, love, relations had a name. They were happy. Because at that time, the relation was important than money, status etc. But, the times have now changed. Today, …

Happiness Quotes In Gujarati

happiness quotes

Happiness Quotes In Gujarati Happiness Quotes In Gujarati. In our hectic life today, we might be desperately looking for happiness. We think that happiness in in luxuries items or compromising. We are trying to search happiness in tangible items, because we think that happiness in something we can see or buy. No, we are wrong. …